Livestock Bedding 

  • Shavings: Our #1 Product, our kiln-dried & sterilized shavings are available bagged or in bulk (cedar shavings also available upon request)
  • Sawdust: bulk only; can be custom blended with shavings
  • Straw

Hay: Timothy Rounds & Squares

Fencing: locust posts & oak boards; call for availability of cedar, cherry, walnut and other speciality lumbers.

Mulch: Double Ground Mulch, Triple Ground Mulch, Pine Bark Mulch, Black Mulch, and Playground Mulch. Double Ground Mulch is put thru the grinder a second time after the first grind has seasoned. Double Ground is course with a dark brownish tone and is the most requested mulch product. Triple Ground Mulch is put in the grinder a third time and is mixed with a black carbon; the finished product is finer and has a very rich, dark, almost black, ton, and is preferred for presentation landscaping.


  • Compost
  • Top Soil
  • Firewood