How To Pick The Right Mulch Color?

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How To Pick The Right Mulch Color?

March 29, 2022

Choose The Ideal Mulch Colors For Your Garden

Spring has sprung, and the time has come for you to return outside and bring your garden back to life after the cold winter months. From flower beds to exuberant hedges, a wide variety of elements can transform your outdoor areas into a lush, colorful haven. Mulch is an excellent way to accentuate and highlight your plants. 

Read on to learn more about how to pick the right mulch colors for spectacular results!

Basic Mulch Colors

Think of mulch as jewels for your yard. Typically, it can be found in three basic colors — black, brown and red. To ensure your mulch matches or complements your plants, take a moment to think of the tones of your greenery and flowers. For instance, red mulch will make white flowers pop. Furthermore, black mulch can have the same effect when combined with bright, colorful blooms. 


Make a statement by choosing black mulch. If your home or building has a modern, sharp style and grey or white colors, black will create a contemporary and sleek visual impact. However, avoid using it around delicate plants as it will soak in the heat more easily than other colors.


Because of its versatility, brown is the most popular color among homeowners. This hue imitates the natural appearance of soil and, therefore, matches most siding and brick colors and architectural styles.   


Red mulch has the potential to provide depth and visual appeal to plain, drab buildings. It will bring contrast to warm tones and make light colors pop exquisitely.

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