Why Sawdust is a Top Choice for Animal Bedding

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Why Sawdust is a Top Choice for Animal Bedding

April 26, 2023

Keep Your Animals Comfortable With Sawdust Bedding 

If you’re an animal owner or farmer, one of the decisions you have to make that can affect the health and well-being of your animals is choosing the right material for your four-legged friends to sleep in. It’s important to select bedding that balances comfort, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness. One option that ticks all these boxes is sawdust. Despite being a by-product of the lumber industry, sawdust is gaining popularity as an animal bedding thanks to its unique qualities and benefits. 

What is Sawdust?

Sawdust is produced when logs are processed into boards, furniture, and other products. It consists of small particles of wood in varying sizes, depending on the sawmill. Sawdust is a natural material with many properties that make it ideal for bedding use. For instance, it is dried and free from contaminants and pathogens, which reduces the risk of infections and illness in animals.

Benefits of Sawdust Bedding for Animals

Sawdust is an excellent bedding material for animals, and here’s why:

Superior Insulation

The small size and texture of sawdust allow it to pack together tightly, delivering superior insulation, making this material an excellent bedding option during winter, and ensuring animals are kept warm and comfortable.

Maximum Hygiene

Sawdust is naturally absorbent and can easily soak up moisture and odors. This helps to keep pens and stalls cleaner and reduces the risk of infections and illnesses.

Reduces Dust

Dust is a common problem with many bedding materials and can cause respiratory issues for both animals and humans. On the other hand, sawdust only contains low amounts of dust, reducing the risk of respiratory problems.


Sawdust is soft and comfortable to lay on, providing animals with a cozy sleeping area.

Cost-Effectiveness of Sawdust Bedding

Sawdust is not only advantageous in terms of its properties, but it is also an affordable bedding choice for farmers and pet owners. As a by-product of the lumber industry, sawdust is readily available and does not need to be imported from other countries, saving transport costs. This makes it more affordable than other bedding materials like straw or shavings. Moreover, sawdust lasts longer than other options, serving for an extended period and further cutting overall costs.

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