May Gardening Tips

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May Gardening Tips

May 26, 2022

Get your garden ready for summer with these May gardening tips! 

With the weather warming up and summer approaching, it’s time to get your garden clean and luscious once again. May is the perfect time to start preparing your outdoor spaces for the summertime, so get out there and start planting! 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just trying to get rid of some winter weeds, these gardening tips for May will help you out in no time.

Keep Those Weeds At Bay

Prepping your garden thoroughly is the best way to avoid weeds. Proper preparation also prevents other disasters like pest infestations and frozen soil. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to dig by hand or use a handy weeding tool; be sure to set aside a block of time each week for this task.

Water Wisely

One of your biggest challenges as a gardener is making sure your plants have enough water—but you don’t overdo it, or you will end up with flooded lawns and flower beds. 

Not all plants have the same needs; do some research to learn how much water each plant needs to avoid root rot and ensure a vibrant landscape all summer long!

Take Advantage of Spring Flowers

The cold winter months are behind us, which means we can finally get back to gardening. During the spring, start preparing your soil and planting beds for a summer of blooming flowers and veggies; this will save you time once the weather is at its prime for planting and guarantee all your plants can thrive in the sun! 

Find All Your Gardening Essentials For This Summer! 

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